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Aussie-Made Medium: 22.8kWh Battery + 8Kw Hybrid Inverter + 10.45kW Solar

Designed for single-phase, medium to large homes (3+ bedrooms)
Future proof your home with the flexibility of hybrid solar
Aussie Made 22.8kWh Powerplus Energy Lithium Battery Package
Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KW Single Phase
High quality and affordable Jinko panels
CEC listed for applicable rebates!


This 22.8kWh hybrid solar package is perfect for single-phase, larger homes (3+ bedrooms). The 10.45 kW configuration includes 22 solar panels and is designed to fit the rooftop space of most standard Aussie homes. Plus it gives great bang for your buck in terms of kilowatts.

This package is perfect for maximising your solar energy and providing energy independence, with all applicable Federal and State rebates*.


  • Battery Storage: PowerPlus LiFe4838P Lithium Battery 3.8kWh = 22.8kWh storage (6 Battery Modules)
  • Battery Enclosure: PowerPlus Energy rack mount (optional)
  • Inverter: Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KW Single Phase (SUN-5K-SG01-AU)
  • Solar PV Modules: 10.45kW Jinko 475W 120cell Tiger Neo N-Type panels x 22
  • Roof Equipment: Rail & Clip kit (Tin Roof); Cables, Fuses, Isolators; Cable (20m) runs to PV array & 2m cable to batteries; Safety Sticker Kit


PowerPlus Energy LiFe Lithium Batteries 48v/3.8kW.

  • Manufactured in Australia, and CEC listed for applicable rebates
  • Safe lithium chemistry
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compatible with AC & DC coupled Systems
  • Mechanically Robust Cylindrical Cells
  • Suitable for On-Grid & Off-Grid Applications
  • Ongoing Local Support
  • 10 Year Product Warranty


Deye Hybrid Solar Inverter 8KW Single Phase (SUN-8K-SG05LP1-AU)

The Deye 8KW Single Phase is a hybrid inverter that generates electricity during the day, with excess energy charging the battery via SUN 3.6/8K-SG05. The stored energy can then be released when the loads require it. The battery can also be charged by a diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted supply in the event of grid blackout.

  • Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
  • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
  • charging/discharging current of 120A
  • Frequency droop control, Max.16pcs parallel
  • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator


Jinko 475W 120cell Tiger Neo N-Type panels

  • Reputable Solar Brand
  • N-Type, SMBB, and Hot 2.0 Technology
  • High Efficiency Solar Module with better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability
  • Certified to withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • High salt mist and ammonia resistance.
  • 40% Annual Degradation Over 30 years
  • 25 Years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty

* For the latest solar rebates, check the Clean Energy Council guidelines, and ensure your installer is CEC certified.


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