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Alpha Storian ESS System – Storion T30



The Alpha ESS Storion Eco series compromises of complete solar storage systems, providing intelligent power storage that is eco-friendly, stable and resilient for every home, guaranteeing confidence and the superior performance.

About AlphaESS
As one of the earliest pioneers in energy storage market with lithium iron technology, AlphaESS has a vision to pave the path for
everyone in the world to enjoy clean energy one day.
AlphaESS is a multinational company that currently has more than 10’000 residential and commercial systems running in 30
countries globally and its products are accredited by IEC, TÜV, CEC and many other international standards.
All AlphaESS energy systems are integrated with smart energy management solutions. AlphaESS is committed to revolutionize
the future energy network through our patented German technologies.

Nominal Output Power: 30KW

Max. AC Input Power: 30KW

Capacity Range: 28.7 ~ 68.8 kWh (90% DoD)

Battery Chemistry: LFP(LiFePO4)

IP Protection: IP21

System Cabinet Dimension (W x D x H) 1180 x 700 x 1500 mm

System Cabinet Weight 170kg

Warranty 3 Year Product Warranty, 10 Year Performance Warranty

Inverter Technical Specification

Max. AC Input Current 43.3A

Nominal AC Input Voltage 400 V

Battery Voltage Range 200 ~ 750 V

Max. Charging/Discharging Current 90 A

Max. Charging/Discharging Power 30 kW

Phase Three Phase

Rated Voltage 400V

Grid Voltage Range 340-460 V

Rated Freuqency 50/60V

Dimension 440 x 550 x 173mm

Weight 43kg
Grid Regulation VDE 4105-AR-N, G59/3
Safety IEC 62477-1, IEC 60240-1-1
EMC EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
Battery Technical Specification

Module Model M48112-S

Module Capacity 5.7 kWh

Module Nominal Voltage 51.2V

Operating Temperature Range -10 C-50 C

Module Weight 65 kg

Module Dimension (WxDxH) 450x580x165mm

Cycle Life > 6000

Max. Charging/Discharging Current 112 A (1C)

High Voltage Control Box Technical Specification

BMU Model HV900112

Dc Voltage Range 200-900V

Nominal Output Current 112 A

Battery Modules Connection 5-12 M48112-S in series

 Alpha Storion Series (Li-ion) all have a combined energy management system as its nerve centre, with other necessities such as the inverter, cabling and scalable batteries integrated into one compact unit that is literally ‘ready to plug in and use’. The user-friendly touchscreen control panel is supported by a convenient app on your mobile phone and ability to log in remotely to view the performance of your system.


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