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Alpha ESS SMILE-S6-HV Inverter + Smile HV 8.2kWh Battery



A single phase, high voltage residential battery system with the ability to go on-grid and off-grid.

This is the 6kW energy storage system equipped with a high-voltage battery module. The Smile S6 HV goes the extra mile with its ability to be on-grid and off-grid. If you experience a power cut or disconnect from the grid, the automated islanding function will kick-in and use your stored electricity to power your home.



– Fully Off-Grid Compatible
– Full 6kVA Backup
– VPP Ready
– AFCI & Rapid Shutdown
– High Efficiency Battery


– Max. AC Output Power: 6kW
– Capacity Range: 5-30.0 kWh/8.2 – 49.2 kWh
– Battery Chemistry: LFP (LiFePO4)
– Max. Charging/Discharging Current: 40A
– Depth of Discharge: 95%
– Operating Temperature Range: -10C to +55C
– IP Protection: IP65 (Outdoor) /IP21 (Indoor)
– Warranty: 5 Years Product Warranty, 10 Years Battery Performance Warranty


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