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AERL Coolmax 120V 30A SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controller – SRX600/30-120



AERL Coolmax 120V 30A SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controller – SRX600/30-120
AERL COOLMAX 600V SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controllers: CoolMax SRX Solar Charge Controllers feature over 35 years of MPPT innovation, offering a superior tracking algorithm with an ultra-low loss, high-efficiency thermal design, backed by our Australian factory warranty and local support. With record-breaking conversion efficiencies, intelligent thermal management, and state of the art MPPT tracking, the SRX is a key component of any high-quality DC-Coupled power system.
The AERL SRX 120V model is designed to integrate with the Selectronic SPLC1200, SPLC1202 or SPMC1201 120V Inverter / Chargers. It is also compatible with the PowerPlus Energy LiFe12033P 120V 3.3kWh Lithium Battery to complete an Australian made Off-Grid system.
Features: – 600V PV Input for Ease of Install – On-Board Earth Fault Detection – PV Array Oversizing Support (+33%) – Superior Peak Power Efficiency – Over 98% – Reverse Polarity and Current Protection – Built-In Overload and Thermal Protection – Master/Slave Configuration Options – Compatible with most Battery Systems – Designed for Long Term Reliability – Australian Made
Data sheet:

0.432m H 0.192m W 0.089m D


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