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60kWh IP21 Battery cabinet for 20 x 3kWh batteries


Please note: this Battery cabinet pictured is of the largest size 66kWh (22 x 3kWh). The 60kWh (20 x 3kWh) will have 20 shelves.

Difference sizes available to suit varying number of 3kWh batteries as follows:
8, 10, 12, 17, 20, 22

Buying a larger cabinet than your current number of batteries allows you to expand your battery storage capacity at a later stage.
If more shelves are installed than the quantity of batteries purchased allow $60/shelf

See specs below. Weight is for the empty cabinet.



Part No: Description: Size (L x W x H)
Case Style: Weight:
GIR20C60kWh IP21 Battery cabinet for 20 x 3kWh batteries

600 x 800 x 1950

19″ Data Cabinet126Kg

Additional information

Weight126 kg


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