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2nd Hand PowerPlus Eco 48V 4.0kWh LiFePO4 Modular Battery (Australian Made)
 Self Managed

Original price was: $3,400.00.Current price is: $2,600.00.

These are 18 months old and in great condition, ex Newcastle Area … 18 batteries in stock

Contact Prime Energy Group on 0435 883 681

When it comes to energy storage the PowerPlus Energy ECO Series battery will power your world.


88 x 434 x 635


2RU 19”
Rack Mount or Cabinet



The Self Managed LFP battery with internal BMS offers you a safe lithium option for any solution that required reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others

Our ECO battery is infinitely scalable so no application is too big or too small.

Offering economy of scale whilst maintaining reliability and durability, allows you confidence that the ECO series will keep powering on.

The Impressive specifications and performance come with a 10 year Pro rata warranty when installed and used as set out in our warranty documents and manual.

So when our Premium Series is out of reach, turn with confidence to the PowerPlus Energy ECO Series.


Nominal DC Voltage51.2V
Nominal Capacity4.0kWh (3.994) / 78Ah
Continuous Discharge0.5C (C2)
Continuous Discharge Current39A
Continuous Charge0.5C (C2) (Recommended)
Continuous Charge Current39A
Maximum Current63A (Limited by circuit breaker)
Charge/Discharge Cycles2700@100% DoD / 5000@75% DoD / 10,000@50% DoD @25°C op. temp.
Operating Temperature RangeCharge: 0° to 55°C / Discharge -20° to 55°C
Operating Humidity (Non condensating)85%
AltitudeBelow 2000m
Battery Dimensions635mm D x 434mm W x 88mm H
Battery Mounting OptionsStandard 19” Rack Mounting / Horizontal or Vertical
Terminal ConnectionsAmphenol Surlok 100A Non Keyed
Module Weight41kg
BMS Over-Volt cut off58.4V
BMS Under-Volt cut off40V
BMS Over-Temp cut off65°C
BMS Under-Temp Cut off (Discharge-20ºC
BMS Under-Temp cut off (Charge)0ºC
BMS Fault Current200A
Circuit Breaker2-Pole 63A 360VDC (K Curve)
Self Discharge14% Per Annum
Battery Fault Current (BMS plus Circuit breaker failure)1000A
Lithium CompositionLithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFeP04 or LFP)
IP RatingIP40
Round Trip Efficiency>96%
Expected Life @25ºCGreater than 10 years when used as per warranty terms
CoolingNatural convection
Parallel StackingInfinitely stackable – Seek Manufacturers advice
Serial StackingNot designed for serial connection
CertificationsPending IEC:62619:2017, UN38.3, EMC
Shut Down SoC (Per Warranty)20%
DC Volts Shut Down 0% Load48.0V
DC Volts Shut Down 100% Load46.0V
Recovery / Restart Voltage52V
Continuous Charge Voltage (Per Warranty)56.0V
Float Voltage55.2V
Peukert Exponent1.02
100% recharge7 to 14 days to keep External SoC counter accurate
Continuous Discharge Current39A
Continuous Charge Current39A
Cable SizeRefer relevant manual or cable sizing standard
NoteIn our efforts towards constant product enhancement this specification is subject to change to at
anytime without notice

Additional information

Weight.05 kg


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 Self Managed”

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