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BYD and Fronius Small: 11.04kWh Battery + 5kW Hybrid Inverter + 6.65kW Solar

Designed for single-phase, small to medium homes
Future proof your home with the flexibility of hybrid solar
Award-winning Fronius and BYD combination
Fronius GEN24 inverter is ‘the Ferrari of inverters’
BYD Batteries are modular, stackable and customisable
High quality and affordable Jinko panels
CEC listed for applicable rebates

Contact us about our CEC installer network across Australia!

This 11.4kWh hybrid solar package is designed for single-phase, small to medium homes (1 to 3 bedrooms).

The 6.6kW configuration includes 14 solar panels and is designed to fit the rooftop space of most smaller Aussie homes. Plus it gives great bang for your buck in terms of kilowatts.

Installing a hybrid solar system (solar panels and battery) allows excess solar energy to be stored and used in the evenings or on cloudy days. You also have the option to switch to your own battery reserves if the grid goes down! This package is perfect for maximising your solar energy and providing energy independence, with all applicable Federal and State rebates*.



Solar Battery

BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 2.76kWh (4 Battery Modules)

  • 2.76kWh IP55 102.4V, 38Kg
  • On/Off Grid Compatible
  • LFP Technology
  • 10 Years Warranty

Are you needing the addition of black out protection? If so, the Fronius Single Phase IP65 Backup Box For Primo GEN24 will have you covered.


Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus 5.0

  • Single phase
  • With many features as standard, including energy management functions, WLAN connection as standard, Ethernet connectivity and easy integration of third-party components.
  • Backup power options (PV Point, full backup) ensures the highest degree of power supply reliability.


Solar Panels

Jinko 475W 120cell Tiger Neo N-Type panels (14 panels)

  • Reputable Solar Brand
  • N-Type, SMBB, and Hot 2.0 Technology
  • High Efficiency Solar Module with better light trapping and current collection to improve module power output and reliability
  • Certified to withstand wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • High salt mist and ammonia resistance.
  • 40% Annual Degradation Over 30 years
  • 25 Years product warranty and 30 years performance warranty


** For the latest solar rebates, check the Clean Energy Council guidelines, and ensure your installer is CEC certified.


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