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Lifeline Batteries

Since the introduction of the Lifeline Battery brand name in the early 1980’s, our AGM batteries have proven themselves as the premier battery choice in a number of different industries with countless applications. As a result of our proven track record for success, we are called upon often by national and international companies to consult on new battery ventures and powering their technologies. During the past seven years there have been exciting new technological advances that have led to the development of new battery group sizes and significant improvements to the Lifeline Battery lineup. Our batteries are manufactured by a time consuming yet proven ‘hand-made’ process from start to finish. In addition to making our batteries by hand, we use superior battery component materials and a host of exclusive proprietary manufacturing processes.

Lifeline Battery Youtube channel

I am not a sponsored advertiser for Lifeline, but my experience with their batteries has been nothing but positive. Back in 2003 I bought a GPL-27T deep cycle for my 12V trolling motor and a GPL-1400T as a starting/main battery for the boat motor and electronics. Replaced them both back in the 2012-13 timeframe after serious use on the water with NO issues. They are not cheap, but well worth the investment and very reliable.