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Ultimate xTreme

Made Tough for Aussie Conditions.

AGM deep cyclic battery suitable for RV’s, 4WD, Caravans and marine.


  • Sealed maintenance free AGM technology
  • State of the art plate descign to meet Australian conditions
  • Flame retardant V) case (excludes UL-230 model)
  • Dual terminals for multiple connection
  • 12 month under-bonnet warranty (excludes certain applications)


Advantages of AGM batteries:
  • Multipurpose battery, dieal for starting, deep cycle and standby applications
  • High cgarge and discharge rate
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Spill proff/leak proof
  • Installs upright or on the side
  • More economical han gel cell batteries
  • Cabin safe – very low to no gassing
  • Superior for shorter duration/higher discharges
  • Vibration resistant – heavy duty, long lasting